Take your glamping on the road

If you want to mix the great outdoors with some of home’s creature comforts, glamping is the option for you. From yurts and pods to Airstream caravans, you can choose a fabulous selection of accommodation with Experience Freedom, in some of the UK’s most beautiful locations.

But what if you don’t want to stay in one spot? How do you turn glamping into a tour?

Suspended bed inside hired motorhome, with books and reading glasses on mattress

You can, of course, book accommodation at several sites and drive between them – or you could take the next step and hire a motorhome. Let’s have a look at the advantages to this:

Unpack – and stay unpacked

If you’re travelling between sites with accommodation, you run the risk of living out of your suitcase for the whole trip. While this may appeal to some, it can be a touch chaotic for those with kids in tow. It also means not quite getting to completely settle down and relax – almost as soon as you arrive it’s time to pack up and go again.

With a motorhome, you only need unpack once. You’ve got cupboards for food, games (which are great for keeping kids entertained when it's raining) and clothing on board, beds ready to fold out and more – all there with you wherever you choose to go.

A little more freedom

Take detours, change your mind about where you’ll stay – with a motorhome, you have a lot more freedom to go with the flow. Pitch bookings can be easily changed if you’re holidaying during low season, as sites often aren’t full, so if the mood takes you to go a bit off-piste from your planned route, there’s little to stop you.

More space on the move

If you’re travelling by car with a boot full of supplies, squabbles over space are inevitable. Travel in a motorhome, and the kids have a little more room to themselves to read, play games on their devices and generally stay out of each other’s way when they want to.

You’ll also have plenty of room for everything you want to bring – bicycles can be attached to the back of the vehicle, there’s room for extra towels, blankets and the like, and refrigerated snacks and drinks are readily available to calm rumbling tummies. There’s even room for things like collapsible outdoor furniture on board.

How do I get started?

You can take your glamping on the road by hiring a motorhome through Experience Freedom. The process is straightforward and you’ll have access to a huge range of campsites across the UK and even Europe. Simply visit our dedicated motorhome hire page to check availability and book your trip.

Plus, if you want to learn the basics before you get started, you can take advantage of a motorhome manoeuvring course from the Caravan and Motorhome Club, where you can build your confidence before your big adventure.


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